What kind of issues can you fix?

I have been developing WordPress websites for over eight years now. I have seen and fixed all types of WordPress issues. To be more specific, here are a few issues I can settle for you.

  • Plugin conflicts
  • White Screen of Death
  • Javascript Errors
  • PHP errors
  • Cross Browser issues of CSS
  • Anything that has to do with CSS
  • Website Layout
  • Images not being Uploaded
  • Internal Server Error
  • Common Image issues
  • Jibberish characters all over your website
  • Woocommerce Autocomplete issue
  • Woocommerce Product issues

The list goes on and on.

What experience do you have?

I have eight years of experience working as a WordPress developer and almost worked with all types of companies in Hyderabad, India. I built websites for HappiMobiles, ApolloHomeCare, ApolloSugar, BestWesternAshoka, Vnext, VertexHomes, Oasis, Dentys, Chirec, ChaiBisket and many more.

If there is one thing I would do perfectly in this world, that is building a website with WordPress by writing a custom theme from scratch and standards.

If it is possible with WordPress, I can do it with ease!

What are your Support hours and Response time?

I live in India. So, according to Indian Standard Time (IST):

  • My business hours are currently Monday through Friday 11am-9pm IST
  • Most of the issues/tasks will be fixed within the first 8 business hours. However, in rare cases within the first 16 business hours.

How much time does it take to fix a single issue?

Time taken to fix a single issue varies based on the complexity of the problem.

  • It takes less than 30 minutes to fix not-so-complicated issues. Sometimes 15 minutes. Sometimes 45 minutes. But not more than one hour.
  • It takes more than 1 hour to fix complicated issues. Sometimes 2 hours. Sometimes 4 hours.

I should be able to tell you how much time a single issue/task could take. If I think it exceeds the time estimation I have given, I will not accept the job in first place. Most of the time, I should guess this by taking a quick look at the website.

Do you offer refunds?

No. I do not make refunds. However, you may never need a refund from me. I make every effort to maintain the highest possible work standards by following all the best practices and here is a couple of them:

  • I will take an offline backup of files on which I might make customizations so that I can revert to the originals if there is a problem.
  • Unless it is needed, I am not going to touch the primary theme files. For most of the fixes, I install my own UsableWP Fixes plugin to add custom code. It is a very lightweight plugin just for writing custom CSS and WordPress Hooks.

How do we interact with each other?

Emails and Skype.

If you want to watch me while working on your issue/task, I would love to share my Working screen with you <3

Do you offer Woocommerce Support?

Yes, I do. I have built 12 Woocommerce websites to date. While creating those websites, I had the opportunity to work with coolest Woocommerce extensions like:

  1. Woo Subscriptions
  2. Checkout With Amazon Pay
  3. Paypal Express checkout
  4. Modern Tribe’s Event Ticket Plus
  5. Woocommerce Bookings

Do you offer custom theme development?

Yes, I do.

I have been creating usable and standards-friendly wordpress custom themes for over eight years now. My experience involves creating websites with custom themes for Political Parties, Schools, Hospitals, Digital Agencies, Charities, Construction firms, Automobile Dealers, Jewellery shops, Knowledge bases, and e-commerce websites.

I can deliver a small ( 1- to 5 pages ) website within 15 hours, A 10 pages website within 25 to 35 hours, depending on the design complexity. I do not compromise on accessibility, responsiveness or site performance.

Do you make content updates?

Yes, I do. I uploaded content for every website I created to date!

Can you set-up forms?

Yes, I do. I have a solid experience with Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7 and WPForms.

Can you migrate our website to a different server?

Yes, I do. I have built around 60 websites. Almost all of them are hosted on a different web hosting companies. So, I know the Ins and Outs of every popular web hosting provider out there in the market.

If you provide me all the details correctly, most of the website migrations will take less than 45 minutes.