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59$ For Single Fix which takes 1 hour
99$ For Multiple Fixes under 2 hours
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I make every effort to maintain the highest possible work standards.

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I make no refunds.

Facing trouble with your wordpress website? No problem, Don’t you ever worry about it. I mean it. Every WordPress website problem is fixable. While most of them could be fixed under 30 minutes, some issues could be resolved under 1 hour.

If you visited UsableWP with the intention of fixing your WordPress website during my business hours ( 11 am – 9 pm IST, Mon – Fri ), most probably you are 2 hours away from getting your website fixed.

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself 🙂

Hi, My name is Naresh Devineni, I live/travel across India, and I earn bread by creating/fixing WordPress websites.

I have been creating usable and standards-friendly wordpress websites for over eight years now. I can provide you a detailed analysis on what is going wrong with your current site right from mobile responsiveness to page load performance and will offer you the best possible solution.

You name it, I will fix it.

My experience involves creating websites for Political Parties, Schools, Hospitals, Digital Agencies, Charities, Construction firms, Automobile Dealers, Jewellery shops, Knowledge bases, and e-commerce websites.

And, I learned quite a lot while developing these projects. Learning although is a continuous process, I am sure that I have dealt with every WordPress problem on the planet. So, it might not take much time for me to figure out your website problem and fix it As Soon As Possible.

Apart from fixing your website, here are few other services that I could help you with under one hour.

Plugin Integration

I have extensive working experience with most of the popular plugins. I can integrate just about any wordpress plugin that is available on the market. For example, if you want to manage events on your website, I can do it. If you want to integrate a Woocommerce store, I can do that too. There is nothing that I can’t do when it comes to plugin integration.

Most of the time, it takes less than an hour to integrate a plugin, depending on the complexity of the plugin.

Website Migration

I can migrate your wordpress website from any hosting provider to another with little or no downtime at all. I have migrated more than fifty websites throughout my freelance career. Trust me, you are in good hands.

After gathering all the details, it should take less than 1 hour minutes for moving a small scale website, two hours or less for a medium or large scale website. If it takes more time, the extra time is on me 🙂

Content Uploading

Most of my internet based clients approach me for content uploading. If the content and images are provided in a proper format, I should be able to upload a single post’s content under 10 mins; multiple posts content under 1 hour and a full website’s content under two hours.

Read FAQs and Terms of Service before getting started

To get some more clarity, please read FAQs. If you want to get started right away, please visit Get Help Now page, and I will guide you from there!

Also, If you have made up your mind to give me an opportunity, It is essential that you read UsableWP Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Thank you for visiting UsableWP

Although you will be directly dealing with me, UsableWP relies on a bunch of unsung heroes to provide high-quality services to you. So, we only wish to work with serious & professional people. Having said that, Instead of relying on a WordPress expert like me, how about you fixing your WordPress website yourself?

Not all issues require developer assistance. For some of them, you do not even have to touch code files.

Maybe it sounds tough. Perhaps you can afford a developer like me for an hour. But, it feels AWESOME to have control over your website. Saving money feels great too, is it not? So, I suggest you to start learning WordPress when you have free time 🙂

Have a Good Day <3